If you have Something, ‘Express’. If you have Nothing, ‘Impress’ – Srujit Biradawada

In this what so ever world, you either live to express or impress or do both (express to impress). Sometimes one or the other work, sometimes both. Choose what best suits the situation, there is no right or wrong, it’s just what you want or where you want to reach (Goal), how do you connect/weigh your choices and options (Plan), what choice you use with the options you had (Implement), Check the outcome (Learn), move forward with results (Feedback), how you use it next time (Implement again)………..”It’s the circle of life”, with lot of if and else conditions connecting all the outcomes (dots) to make a picture. The dots are never at the same place every time so the picture is always different every time………….”Expect it and Deal with it”

If I was successful, I would have settled there…..Glad I’m not – Srujit Biradawada

Inspirational Quotes from Others

If you want something you have never had, go do something you have never done. – Thomas Jefferson

Story: The Horse and a Boy

Once upon a time, in a wide open field where the wind danced freely, there flew a magical creature – a black horse with no wings. Its sleek coat shimmered in the sunlight as it soared gracefully through the sky.

Down below, on the ground, all the people who saw the horse flying were filled with excitement. They eagerly waited for it to come down so they could meet it. Among them was a little boy who happened to be passing by. His eyes widened with wonder as he gazed up at the horse, wishing he could fly alongside it.

As if hearing his silent wish, the horse gently descended from the sky, avoiding the crowd that reached out to touch it. With a knowing look, it spotted the boy and felt a connection. Ignoring the obstacles in its path, the horse made its way through the barbed wire to reach the boy.

In a soft voice, the horse spoke to the boy, “I once gave you a chance, but you didn’t treat me with respect. However, I am willing to give you another chance, if you help me with something important.”

The boy nodded eagerly, understanding the horse’s words. Together, they set off on a journey, with the boy promising to do whatever the horse needed. Along the way, they became fast friends, sharing stories and laughter.

When they finally reached home, the boy felt a warm glow of happiness in his heart. He had been given a second chance, and he was grateful for it. Even though he couldn’t quite remember why he missed the horse the first time, he was glad to have found it again. And as they bid each other goodnight, the boy knew that their friendship would last forever.