Swimply – Analysis and Strategic

I researched the following company/organization www.swimply.com, From a MARKETING CONSULTANT PERSPECTIVE, and here are 3 key marketing strategies I believe that they are currently doing well and 3 key marketing strategies I suggest going forward?

I will be considering all aspects of marketing (not just “Promotion”), including specific examples of what they are doing well, and incorporating marketing principles (from Strategic Marketing Concepts).

Current Marketing Strategies

  1. Social media: Social media has brought a new dimension in the way people do business today. For Swimply, they are currently using social media to promote their brand. Ideally, their bookings are done online which is a great way to tap into the younger generation who spend a lot of time over the internet looking for products that meet their needs. 
  2. Creating ads: Being the online platform it is, the firm has specialized in the art of creating ads. These ads play a crucial role in popularizing the brand. The ads mostly appear in the form of wonderful pool images which attract the eyes of willing customers. 
  3. Partnering with pool owners: Swimply is also doing well by partnering with pool owners. These partnerships create room for more business since pool owners are likely to recommend their friends to the same which in the end translates to more business and higher revenues for the firm. 

Marketing Strategies Going Forward

  1. Creating relevant publications: In as much as we are in an era that depends much on the internet, it is important for firms to go back to the old ways of advertising. Swimply should identify a publication and have its article included to tap on the customer base that does not trust internet-based advertisements. 
  2. Encouraging referrals: Most firms today point their success to the recommendations made by their customers. It will be more prudent for the firm to encourage customers on the need of referring their friends to their services. These referrals will create more business for the firm. 
  3. Offering discounts for first time customers: Offering discounts will be one of the best ways to attract new customers. New customers are largely people who have not been in pools before and therefore need to be persuaded via a discounted pay. After the first visit, the firm can then go back to their usual rates since they have already won the customer. 


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