Amazon: Conclusion

Amazon has a remarkable plan of action. The mixed retail model was spearheaded by Amazon in 1994. Even today, Jeff Bezos pays no profits and reinvests all the additional benefits over into the tasks flagging that Amazon is as yet not a developed organization and that despite everything it getting ready to develop quickly. 

I would suggest the strategy to capture the existing competitors either by merging/acquiring or making a partnership instead of directly testing the depth by putting both feet at the same time. Taking the locals feedback in their countries to see how they can acquire the market (a very careful research on the market on that country). Alibaba, a large competitor in the international market for Amazon, in order to compete with them know completely about them like, what are they good at, what are their disadvantages, slowly conquering/capturing the surroundings/borders and capturing the whole market (like an octopus) and so on. Alibaba is also good at strategies, so very careful steps need to be taken and I would be covering them more in the upcoming topics.

Therefore, Amazon should not limit to only one area and should concentrate on other areas as well but acting careful. It should take baby steps or merge with some small businesses and support the smaller businesses also starting their own full-fledged service once having potential knowledge and experience over it. Amazon should also concentrate on global strategies too with care and caution while implementing these outlined strategies.     

Amazon should also be concentrating on organic foods business from farming to delivering to home, since it has invested lot of time, money and effort on technologies. They can take over the internet, transportation business as well and who knows, the Amazon of tomorrow may have an alternate face – yet a similar soul – contrasted with the Amazon of today.