Business Ethics is very essential for any type of industry to attract more talented employees, to gain more positive names in public and leading to more profitability both short term and long term. In this Journal, I will give details on the best practices, benefits the organizations are following and concluding how Business Ethics can help the business to grow in various aspects.

Business Ethics

During the process of personal and public/corporate moral conflicts arise. As discussed in the last journal mistakes do happen during these conflicts which takes place either by insufficient knowledge or inexperience situations and negligence. To avoid such kind of conflicts, leaders came up with “Ethics Training and Communication” program explaining the employees on how important it is to know the situations and the ways to deal with them in different scenarios thus helping the employees in effective “Ethical Decision Making”. These Ethics will change from industry to industry. For example, Financial sectors will have different kind of scenarios dealing with public money, company property, dealing with social elements and so on. Electronics and automobile companies addressing Global Environmental issues and using Alternative energy sources to make sure it doesn’t pollute the earth.

Importance of Leadership:

            Ethics should be followed from Leadership as leaders set an example to employees. Measuring the Ethics and enhancements should be done to the best practices as it is a continuous improvement cycle. The leader should be an effective decision maker and guide the employees by making employees to follow the best practices that lead to open opportunities globally, get fame and name, thus leading to more profits.

Global Opportunities and Increased Profits:

            These days organizations are encouraging employees to participate in social activities in addition to taking care of them by providing dental, vision, law, few perks and encouraging their work by appreciation schemes. Also, organizations are taking care of diversity in terms of age, gender, race, nationality and so on. This takes care of existing employees giving wide opportunity to welcome more talented people across the world. The law provides and takes care of Whistle-blowers on misconduct and wrong-doing to the media or government regulatory agencies. 

            I would like to conclude saying that Business Ethics make the business grow and employees, employers should follow the best standards to shine and rise in public.


Business Ethics – O.C. Ferrell, John, Linda